GRC & One-off Tooling with RESOLTECH product

With its solid experience in Ultra High Performance Concrete Molding (UHPFRC), the French company Innobéton chose Resoltech products for the tooling of the front elements of the Mutuelle Française headquarters.

The architect Rudy Riccioti was inspired by a dragonfly's wing for the building's canopies, the main challenge of these GRC parts to be made was the unique shape of each section imposing a one-off economical tool for which polystyrene was chosen.

Our distributor SF Composites was able to provide its customer with technical solutions, in particular with the Resoltech 8050/8058 filler for bonding polystyrene blocks. This lightweight filler does not leave a hard bond line when cutting the blocks later on.

Resoltech 8010W/8015W water based sprayable and very easy to sand epoxy filler was then applied in two coats to hide surface defects of hot-wire cut polystyrene.

This new 2023 version of the 8010 W sprayable coating is more filling but still offers the same ease of sanding with better support under the sanding tool weight, reducing the man hours needed to obtain a perfect surface.

Final topcoating was done in one only coat with the water based epoxy paint Resoltech 4030W/4036WM.

These last two systems are water based, without VOC or CMR raw materials. They allow a quick finish without altering the machined polystyrene.
These are suitable for a wide variety of subtracts, do not hesitate to test this solution for your models and mould finishes, in prototyping and pre-series !

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