Tridem project


TridemProject 2

The tridem

With the help of Résoltech and its distributor SF-Composites, Pierre Bracar from Sun7 manufactured a crazy windsurf board for three riders!
Using 1200 high mechanical properties Resoltech epoxy system they designed a tridem board that can bear huge mechanical loads.

TridemProject 3


What better event to test the tridem than the Défiwind?! Gathering more than 1000 windsurfers on the same stating line, Défiwind is still the biggest competitive windsurf event in the world, our three crazy french riders Raphaël Filippi, Régis Bouron and Matthieu Vinceneux left more than 700 riders behind them at the end of the race!

TridemProject 4

A world speed record?

The team is still waiting for a strong mistral (Southern France Noth/West wind) to attempt a speed world record, more info and pictures soon!