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Resoltech is proud to support the Follow Your Dream Adventure.

The FYD expedition boat gives the chance to scientists across the world to begin or continue their fieldwork.The excursions are related to particular scientific study programs, like Sediment sampling in the Amazon river deltas; research on changes in glacial ice masses in Greenland and Patagonia; laboratory studies on marine, lake and river animals; coral reefs and coastal protection; and others...

The expedition boat is a catamaran, which was designed and constructed for this expedition. The boat must go 113,500 nautical miles (210,000 km). Therefore its equipment and components must be able to withstand the harsh circumstances it will encounter.

The motors, gear, canvas, ropes, and rig are all designed to withstand heavy, continuous pressure. The ship's kevlar reinforcement on the hulls will guard against potential harm from the impact of drift ice and the smaller collisions will be prevented by crash boxes in both floats.

The resin RESOLTECH 1040 has been used for the stratification of the boat, as well as the mastic RESOLTECH 8050. This enables the boat to be light and solid as it needs to be in order to face the weather conditions it will encounter.

The design of the boat is the result of the tight cooperation between the manufacturers, shipbuilding engineers, skippers, and team members.

The trip of the FYD-Adventure will start in summer 2023.

Courtesy of FYD.

Where to know about FYD-Adventure :

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/fydadventure
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/fyd_adventure/
FYD-Adventure website : https://www.fyd-adventure.com/

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