Wood epoxy technology

Wood is the oldest boatbuilding material. Yet, this does not mean it is outdated today.

New technologies have revolutionised the construction of wooden boats and structures and the material is clearly seeing more than a revival today.

Wooden boats used to be built by assembling a skeleton of timber frames onto a thick keel piece. Planks were then bolted over and the structure was made waterproof by caulking the gaps. Boats built that way were considered excellent until the advent of modern fibreglass construction. Traditional wood construction however never solved the problems of flexibility, leaks, rot, heavy maintenance, not to mention the fact that timber can loose up to 45% of its strength when wet.

Wood-epoxy technology is a well proven and long lasting solution, the first wood-epoxy built Meritt sportfishers (1956) are still in a perfect condition nearly half a century later.