About us


Established in 1996, RESOLTECH has become internationally recognized as a major manufacturer within the Epoxy and Polyurethane resin industry, with highly innovating and technically advanced products.

With its new French plant, which combines a strong R&D formulation and process department and the latest production technologies, RESOLTECH provides to its customer fully integrative technical solutions.

Offering epoxy systems with unique technical characteristics, high TG formulations, ultra-clear resins, water or bio based, RESOLTECH takes a special care to exclude any CMR products from its formulations , hence protecting its employees and customer’s health.

RESOLTECH has a worldwide capacity to offer a highly reactive technical and commercial service, for small as for very large scale orders.

Future successes within the composites industry rely upon innovative materials production capacity of firms, which will allow differentiation between all market competitors.

Our goal : to enter a powerful relation and partnership with customers in order to develop a pro-active development process, suppress any compromises and help to get the most innovative and high-standard solutions, perfectly suited to their needs.

Siret : 407 493 691 00049
RCS Aix en Provence n° 96B625
APE : 2016 Z
N°TVA intracommunautaire : FR76407493691
Capital : 20 000 euros

249 Avenue Gaston Imbert
Zi de Rousset
13790 ROUSSET – France

Tél : +33 (0) 4 42 95 01 95
Contact : info@resoltech.com