New 1050 hardeners formulas

Dear Customers,
Following our company policy of manufacturing the best possible systems in terms of Health & Safety, and the recent classification of one of the molecules used in the 1054S to 1059S hardeners as suspected CMR, we are improving the 1050 hardeners family:

Key changes:

  • Replacement of the CMR suspected molecule
  • Increase of the pot life of the hardeners - but same reactivity as actual hardeners
  • Harden faster in film
  • Clearer color of the hardeners
  • 1053S Infusion hardener stays the same.

In conclusion, users will not notice any difference, but the mixed resin+hardener working time will be improved as pot life will be longer, and as the resin hardens faster in film, productivity will be improved as molding cycles will be reduced.

Best Regards