Applications of 8050 for Filling & FairingApplications of 8050 for Filling & Fairing


Hardener 8058

Epoxy profiling & fairing filler

  • Simple mixing ratio 1:1 by weight or volume
  • Easy sanding
  • Fast curing
  • Lightweight: 0,8 density
  • Slow version 8050L available

RESOLTECH 8050 / 8058 is a fast curing, lightweight, and easy sanding epoxy filler.
It is a premium choice for profiling & fairing above and below the waterline for professional applicators on steel, aluminum and composite materials.

The specially formulated lightweight epoxy filler will apply from very thin layers up to 25 mm in one coat without the risk of sagging/slumping. This filler will result in a high strength and impact resistant watertight surface.

The formulation of the 8050 / 8058 will help improve health and safety for the workers and follows the latest EU regulation (CE) n°453/2010 and does not contain any CMR materials.

When sanded, the surface of this system is smooth enough to be directly overcoated with RESOLCOAT 3010T / 3014T high build epoxy primer and is compatible with all paints & primers.

RESOLTECH 8050 / 8058 fast curing characteristics enable applications of several layers a day with sanding between them, improving the productivity of the workers. It may be applied in covered facilities or outside as it offers little sensivity to climate conditions.
Its excellent waterproof property enables to guarantee long lasting barriers when used as osmosis treatment.

Easy to sand or mill with CNC, RESOLTECH 8050 / 8058 may be used as profiling filler on low density foams blocks for plugs manufacturing and tooling boards adhesive.
RESOLTECH 8050 / 8058 is the product that offers long-term performance of superior quality.

Mix density
Gel time on 70 mL, 4cm at 23°C
  • 8050LFilesize: 401.7 kB
  • 8050Filesize: 531.4 kB