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Bostik Epiphen

RESOLTECH revisits BOSTIK EPIPHEN trademark (subsidiary of the Total Group) with formulation more resistant and respectful of the environment.

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New deck coating for Ships

The RESOLCOAT 2010FC is a self-levelling epoxy coating for ship decks. It complies with SOLAS & IMO rules. First application was on Alstom's 68,000 Tons Cristal Serenity passenger liner. It solves all the problems linked to cement-based products.

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Yacht surfacing technology

Today’s yachts require tough and durable materials that provide a mirror finish on their hulls, decks and superstructures.

RESOLTECH has formulated an integrated range of effective solutions for steel, aluminium, fibreglass, composite and wooden yachts.

The surface finishing solutions range from surface preparation to lightweight fillers and highbuild surfacers. They combine labour saving, proven durability and a perfect interface for all modern yacht coatings.

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Resolthane polyurethane systems

RESOLTECH offers a range of high performance polyurethane formulations to complement the selection of epoxy products.

The inherent properties of the Resolthane systems make them the optimal choice for your next project, whether as adhesives, elastomeres, foams, RIM or casting compounds. Polyurethanes have become part of our daily life. They provide the strength and quality finish of car parts (inside and outside), electronics, medical equipment, furnitures, building components, agricultural and industrial machinery, appliances, sports goods, prototypes and much more.

Below is a short list of the RESOLTHANE formulations available.

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Reinforcing solutions

Resoltech offers a wide range of cost effective dry reinforcements to the composite industry. Fibres available: E glass, aramid, carbon and hybrids.

Resoltech offers the following products:

  • Woven fabrics.
  • Non-crimp unidirectionals.
  • Woven unidirectionals.
  • Non-crimp Multiaxials.
  • Multiaxial tapes.

In addition to these, Resoltech also supplies custom products for specific applications. Resoltech also offers reinforcements suitable for infusion and injection through the laminate.

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Tooling solutions

Resoltech offers a large range of cost effective tooling materials for demanding applications: prototypes, high and low temperature moulds, models ,quick tooling and production.

The Resoltech solutions help key players in the industrial and consumer products, automotive, marine, wind energy and aerospace fields to perform and succeed.

Resoltech offers the following products:

  • Casting systems.
  • Tooling pastes.
  • Laminating systems.
  • Reinforcements.
  • Gelcoats.
  • Foam slabs.

In addition to these, Resoltech also formulates custom products for specific applications, together with the users.

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Infusion for wind turbine blades

Lower processing costs Easy technology transition Ambient temperature processing and cure No limits in blades size.

Wind turbine blades went through a dramatic evolution in the past twenty years. While their size has grown to over 40 metres lengths, their construction progressed from wet layup to cored laminates made by infusing vinylester resin. Resoltech offers the next step in the development process: epoxy infusion materials and technology for stronger, larger and lighter blades.

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Art architecture decoration

Resoltech supplies a whole range of resin systems for art, architecture and decoration. These let you create bolder designs, new shapes, finishes, decorative floors and unique atmospheres.

The Resoltech advanced solutions enhance your creativity in art, architecture and decoration. Furthermore, they protect your creation from water, UV agression and wear. Resoltech pushes the limits of your creativity further.

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Composite solutions

Composites are no longer the new frontier in advanced structures. They are now well established in the air on land and at sea.

In the 21st century more applications are found: replacing metal parts in aircraft, building sturdy sea going vessels, making huge blades for turbines producing clean energy, saving fuel on vehicles and even reinforcing concrete buildings.

The advantages are numerous: lower weight, increased mechanical properties, excellent fatigue resistance, lower vibration propagation, corrosion proof and the ability to offer a perfect surface finish.

The trade off is perhaps concept complexity, with a huge choice of solutions available. RESOLTECH provides most of the answers for durable and cost effective structures.

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Wood epoxy technology

Wood is the oldest boatbuilding material. Yet, this does not mean it is outdated today.

New technologies have revolutionised the construction of wooden boats and structures and the material is clearly seeing more than a revival today.

Wooden boats used to be built by assembling a skeleton of timber frames onto a thick keel piece. Planks were then bolted over and the structure was made waterproof by caulking the gaps. Boats built that way were considered excellent until the advent of modern fibreglass construction. Traditional wood construction however never solved the problems of flexibility, leaks, rot, heavy maintenance, not to mention the fact that timber can loose up to 45% of its strength when wet.

Wood-epoxy technology is a well proven and long lasting solution, the first wood-epoxy built Meritt sportfishers (1956) are still in a perfect condition nearly half a century later.

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Infusion solutions

Infusion is an evolution from vacuum consolidated wet layup, providing excellent laminates properties and cost control. Infusion provides results close to prepreg layups without the high costs linked to high temperature cure, ovens, cold storage and heat resistant moulds. Resin content as low as 37% is achievable.

Infusion does not release VOCs in the workshop, provides a clean and comfortable working environment, the layup being stacked dry without any hurry. The technology is suitable for polyester, vinylester and epoxy systems.

Infusion is suitable for large and small laminates alike. It is also ideal for RIM pre-production runs.

Several infusion techniques are available: KIS, SCRIMP, SPRINT, Eco-RIM, etc. Resoltech offers solutions for all technologies to ensure quality and cost efficiency.

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