Applications of 3350 HP for Filling & Fairing and AdhesivesApplications of 3350 HP for Filling & Fairing and Adhesives


Hardeners 3356 HP (slow) 3358 HP (fast)

Low Density Structural Epoxy Adhesive

  • 0,7 Density
  • Rubber toughened for superior impact resistance
  • Excellent application characteristics
  • Slow & fast hardeners available
  • Applicable even in high humidity conditions & low temperatures

The RESOLTECH 3350 HP epoxy adhesive is a lightweight paste that enables durable lightweight bonding of materials such as PVC, PET & other core materials on composites structures, wood, aluminium or steel.

Resin and hardener are easily mixed and preferably applied with notched spreaders and will not sag even applied on vertical surfaces in thick layers up to 20 mm vertically enabling to make fillet joints. The simple 2:1 mixing ratio by volume or 100:42 by weight is tolerant to small variations & make it applicable with dispensing machines.

The 3350 HP maybe used with the 3356 HP slow (4h) hardener or the 3358 HP fast (20 min) hardener depending on the application temperature and size of the surface to be bonded. The fast hardener enables to release vacuum or sand only hours after the application.

3350 HP system is not sensitive to humidity during the application or the curing and the 3358HP enables fast curing even at low temperatures.

RESOLTECH 3350 HP is easy to sand or to CNC and may be used for strip planking with wood or foam strips. Its fast curing characteristics and ease of sanding enables to also use the 3350 HP/3358 HP as fairing fast cure filler for under waterline applications.

TG (°C)
Mix density
Gel time on 70 mL, 4cm at 23°C
20m - 2h40m