Applications of 1040 for Filament Winding, Injection Moulding / RTM and Wet layupApplications of 1040 for Filament Winding, Injection Moulding / RTM and Wet layup


Hardener 1041 HT, 1042HT

High Performance Epoxy Laminating System

  • High temperature resistance laminating system
  • For pre-preg tooling or high temperature parts
  • TG max up to 130º C

Advanced epoxy laminating system formulated to manufacture high performance lightweight structures with glass, carbon, aramid and basalt fibres with post-curing.

This excellent wetout system, optimized with a low reactivity, low viscosity and excellent air release properties, is recommended for the manufacture of tools and composite parts that require to resist to temperatures under load up to 130ºC .

This system is optimized for wet-layup but may be used by filament winding or casting when mixed with appropriate fillers & charges.

Typically, this system is used for the manufacture of 120ºC curing prepreg tooling or parts exposed to high temperatures such as composite motorbike or race car exhausts.

The 1040 resin may be ordered in it´s thixotropic version, the 1040T for parts or moulds with vertical or overhanging surfaces. It is also recommended as first coat for carbon laminates to avoid air entrapment at the warp and weft intersections of the fabric.

It is recommended to cure the part or tool laminated at 60ºC in order to release from the mould or plug, but it is also possible to cure at temperatures as low as 40ºC with a longer curing time. The resulting structures will have high mechanical and interlaminar properties.

TG (°C)
Mix density
Mix viscosity (mPa.s)
800 - 980
Gel time on 70 mL, 4cm at 23°C
2h20m - 2h45m