Applications of P112 for Primers, Paints and Varnish and GelcoatsApplications of P112 for Primers, Paints and Varnish and Gelcoats


Polymer anti slip additive

  • For the realisation of non slip surfaces
  • Compatible with any solvent based paint/topcoat/varnish
  • Density : 0.4 kg/m3

RESOLTECH P112 is a inert co polymer powder with a granulometry from 200 to 250 microns and high elongation to reak ratio.

It will enable the realization of non aggressive anti slip surfaces when incorporated (4 % in weight) to any solvent based paint or varnish and applied by roller, brush or spray gun.

The powder can also be applied onto models/patters in order to produce moulds with anti slip directly on the composite part.

Its colourless feature (transparent/white) enable to incorporate it in any colour topcoat.

Its low density (0.4 kg/m3) will enable it to “float” on the surface of the paint/varnish/topcoat, guaranteeing to obtain a homogeneous surface contrarily to other anti-slip additives silica based that will sink in the topcoat, making a irregular surface.

Service temperature : 131 ºC

Mix density