Applications of 7080 HC for GelcoatsApplications of 7080 HC for Gelcoats


Hardener 7086 HC

Epoxy Gelcoat for fuel tanks

  • Easier application
  • Improved shiny & glossy film
  • Improved anti-sagging properties
  • Lower density
  • Improved coating impermeability

RESOLCOAT 7080 HC GRIS / 7086 HC epoxy gelcoat is specially formulated for the production of structural composites parts exposed to fuel and other oil derivatives such as offshore oil drilling equipments, fuel tanks…

This new generation system, optimized with excellent self levelling characteristics and excellent air release, is suitable for the manufacture of large composite parts.

It can be applied by brush or roller while guaranteeing low toxicity working conditions to the users. The recommended application thickness is around 600µm which is possible to achieve in one coat on a vertical surface without sag. Laminates can be released from the moulds after room temperature curing. Optimal thermomechanical & chemical properties will be obtained after a post curing cycle defined later in this technical data sheet.

7080 HCF GRIS / 7086 HCF is a lower viscosity system to be used when access in the tank is not possible. It enables coating/sealing/relining by rolling the tank once this system has been poured inside.

TG (°C)
Mix density
Gel time on 70 mL, 4cm at 23°C