Applications of 8050L for Filling & FairingApplications of 8050L for Filling & Fairing


Hardener 8059

Ultra fast epoxy filler in cartridge

  • Can be sanded after 30min
  • Density : 0.79
  • CMR components and solvent free
  • Railway, marine, construction application
  • Cartridge for use with a standard 2K 400mL 1:1 handgun

RESOLTECH 8050L / 8059 is a ultra fast curing and easy sanding filler. It is a premium choice to substitute polyesters filler.

Due to its very fast curing characteristics it is best to use in cartridges and it is particularly suitable for fast repairs of cracks in mould, finishing of small surface defects, caulking between assembly elements...

It is compatible with all substrate as wood, steel, aluminium and composites.

The specially formulated lightweight epoxy filler may be applied in up to 5 mm on a vertical surface and 10 mm on a horizontal surface in one coat and shows minimal shrinkage upon curing unlike polyurethane or polyester based products.

Once hardened, the 8050L / 8059 filler offers a watertight and impact resistant behaviour. Its Shore 70 D hardness will enable to resist well to vibrations.

The formulation of the 8050L / 8059 will help improve health and safety for the workers and follows the latest EU regulation (CE) n°453/2010 and does not contain any CMR materials and solvent.

When sanded, the surface of this system is smooth enough to be directly overcoated with RESOLCOAT 3010T / 3014T high build epoxy primer and is compatible with all paints & primers.

Mix density
Gel time on 70 mL, 4cm at 23°C