Applications of 7090 for GelcoatsApplications of 7090 for Gelcoats


Hardener 7091(T)

High TG Epoxy Gelcoat

  • High TG 140°C
  • High mechanical properties
  • Clear or coloured versions for parts & tooling manufacturing
  • New formulation 100 / 30 mixing ratio & improved applicability

RESOLCOAT 7090 / 7091(T) epoxy system is a high TG gelcoat specially formulated for the production of tooling and structural composites parts requiring high service temperatures.

This gelcoat may be applied from thicknesses from 300 to 600 microns depending if it is for parts or tool manufacturing where thickness of 600 microns is recommended.

The gelcoat may be ordered in clear version : 7090 CLEAR / 7091 mainly for parts such as carbon look parts. Factory coloured version 7090 NOIR & 7090 BLANC / 7091T is available for tools production. The clear version could also be pigmented to any RAL colour : simply add 5% epoxy pigment paste in the resin part before mixing with the hardener.

Like most epoxy gelcoats it is best applied by brush while its formula guarantees low toxicity working conditions to the users. Laminates can be released from the moulds after a low temperature cure cycle (8h at 50°C) before post curing.

RESOLCOAT 7090 / 7091(T) is recommended to be used in wet layup, infusion and with prepregs reinforcements. Prepregs will be applied on the gelcoat in a window of minimum 8h at 23ºC and maximum 1 week. Post-curing of the prepreg laminate should be done within a week.

TG (°C)
Mix density
Mix viscosity (mPa.s)
1,750 - 14,400
Gel time on 70 mL, 4cm at 23°C