Applications of 3350 XT for Filling & Fairing and AdhesivesApplications of 3350 XT for Filling & Fairing and Adhesives


Hardener 3357 XT

Structural Epoxy adhesive. Highly Thixotropic epoxy adhesive

  • Improved Toughness rubber toughened epoxy
  • High shear and peeling resistances
  • Non sagging vertical applications > to 20mm & 40mm horizontal
  • All weather applicability even in high humidity conditions.

The RESOLTECH 3350 XT structural adhesive is a high performance toughened adhesive offering a high tenacity and peeling resistance. Its good elongation ratio enables to bond most materials, even if they have a large CTE difference.

Resoltech 3350 XT´s rheology is of a highly tixotropic paste, making the mixing and application of large beads of adhesive possible like for the assembly of hull & decks on boats or windblade shells.

The vertical sagging limit of 20mm on vertical applications & 40 mm on horizontal applications will enable to bond uneven parts easily and in any angle.

Particularly resistant to the propagation of micro-cracking, this system is well adapted to the bonding subject to important cycles of fatigue.

TG (°C)
Mix density
Gel time on 70 mL, 4cm at 23°C