Applications of 3010T for Filling & FairingApplications of 3010T for Filling & Fairing


Hardener 3014T

Epoxy High build surfacer

  • Outstanding pore filler
  • Application by brush, roller or airless according to dilution
  • Easy to use, cures at room temperature
  • Easy to sand
  • Perfect surface finish and interface for all marine topcoats

RESOLCOAT 3010T is a high build surfacer formulated to create a barrier against water and chemicals to protect a yacht hull as well as providing a perfect surface finish and interface for all marine topcoats. The system is easy to apply by spray, roller or brush and is fast drying. A suitable finish is obtained after at least two coats of this system. Suitable for steel, aluminium, GRP and wooden yachts.


Hardener available: 3014T (replaces hardener 3015T).
Thinner: RESOLTECH 3018
The resin component should be stirred mechanically prior to mixing with hardener.

WARNING: The mixing ratio must be accurately followed. It is not possible to change the ratio, it would result in lower mechanical properties. The mixture should be thoroughly stirred to ensure full homogeneity.


RESOLCOAT 3010T should be applied onto a prepared surface (see TechNotes#10 for more application information).
The surface should be clean, dust-free and degreased. RESOLCOAT 3010T will provide superior adherence onto GRP, metals, RESOLCOAT 8020EX and any laminate. Steel and aluminum surface should be prepared first and the coated with the RESOLCOAT 3010P primer. Defects deeper than 1,5 mm should be filled with 8020 EX filler prior to 3010T application


Use above 10°C and minimum 3°C above dew point. Mix thoroughly the resin component before mixing with hardener. As for all solvent based products, wait for 30 min after mixing before application (maturing time).
SPRAYING: Pressure required: Airless:150kg/cm2. Use 0.46/0.69mm nozzles thinned with RESOLTECH 3018 thinner at 10 to 15%. If sprayed without using thinner with a classic gravity spray gun, use a nozzle of 2,6 mm with min 4-6 bar air pressure.
COVERAGE: 4m2 per kg. on average for a 100 microns dry layer (recommended amount/layer)
Several layers can be applied until a fair surface is obtained (usually 2 coats ). No sanding is required between coats. Once cured, the filler can be sanded with an orbital sander. “Pinholes” should be treated with a mixture of Resolcoat 3010T and HP510 glassbubbles. Do not use another filler as it may create “hard points”. Avoid thick coats that may lead to solvent entrapment. Tools should be cleaned with acetone, thinner or any equivalent product.

Mix density