Applications of 2080 M40 for Casting and FoamingApplications of 2080 M40 for Casting and Foaming


Hardeners 2084M & 2085M

Structural Epoxy Foaming System

  • Density 400 kg/m3
  • Slow hardener for larger volumes to be foamed
  • Room temperature curing

RESOLTECH 2080 M40 / 2084M is a liquid foaming epoxy casting system formulated to produce low density, closed cell, structural cores.

RESOLTECH 2080 M40 / 2084M has a free expansion coefficient of 3, enabling the production of 400 kg/m3 epoxy foam. The slow, controlled foaming reaction makes unnecessary the use of mixing machines like with PU foams – the low pressure of the foaming will enable direct casting in the final parts with no conforming moulds without alteration of the dimensions of the composite.This system is available in neutral (white) colour or may be pigmented with any RESOLTECH RAL colour pigment paste.

  • The main advantages of this epoxy foaming system over existing systems are :
  • No brittle stage after the foaming making it unnecessary to cure before releasing from mould or to post cure depending on the mechanical characteristics needed.
  • Perfect compatibility with prepregs and epoxy resins even during their polymerization. Excellent resistance to water.
  • Major improvement of thermal and mechanical resistances compared to existing epoxy foams. No VOC emission.

The 2084M hardener is less reactive than the standard 2085M hardener and enables larger volumes to be foamed. Maximum thicknesses are to be determined with tests depending on the room temperature and if the foam will be casted in a heat conductive material or not.

TG (°C)
Mix density