Applications of 2060 ALU 25 for CastingApplications of 2060 ALU 25 for Casting


Hardeners 2062 & 2066H

Aluminium filled epoxy casting syste

  • Hardener 2062 improved reactivity
  • Casting & lamination resin system
  • Excellent air release properties
  • For demanding curing & thermoforming cycles
  • No post curing needed to remove parts from molds
  • High modulus & mechanical properties

RESOLTECH 2060 ALU 25 aluminum epoxy resin is formulated for the production of composites tooling using it as casting resin or as wet layup lamination system. It enables the production of tooling that will resist many years to the most demanding heating and cooling post-curing cycles of: heating RTM & pre-preg tooling, thermoforming of thermoplastics or polymer concrete/solid surface injection tools.

The heat conductivity of 0.81 W/mK (2062 hardener) is more than twice better than a conventional epoxy resin , meaning that the dwell temperature at which a part must be post-cured will be achieved in half the time on tools manufactured with this resin system, improving the tool productivity.

This new generation system, optimized with excellent self levelling characteristics and excellent air release, is suitable for the manufacture of large composite tooling. It should be applied by brush or casted.

The 2060 ALU 25 system is also available in a gelcoat version the 2060GC ALU.

In order to optain a excellent adhesion between the gelcoat and the resin, sprinkle the ALUMINIUM 250 TV filler on the gelcoat just before the gel. Once the gelcoat is hardened, remove the remaining filler and cast the resin. This will create a mechanical interface between the gelcoat and the resin. Furthermore, the delayed hardening between the two system will result in a better surface aspect of the mold.

It is possible to de-mould tools from plugs without pre-cure, enabling the use of cheap plug materials - and guaranteeing the dimensional stability of the plug and the mould.

TG (°C)
Mix density
Mix viscosity (mPa.s)
3,600 - 7,500
Gel time on 70 mL, 4cm at 23°C
40m - 4h17m