Applications of 2050 BL for CastingApplications of 2050 BL for Casting


Hardeners 2053 - 2055 - 2059

Epoxy system for casting, chocking & injection

  • Adjustable working time from 30min to 13h
  • Filled system with very good flow characteristics
  • Hardening at room temperature.

The RESOLTECH 2050BL is a high performance epoxy casting system suitable for casting & choking ranging from a few millimeters to several centimeters without shrinkage.

The system provides high mechanical properties, notably in compression, and allows for large castings to be made in a single operation.

It features an excellent adhesion to most subtracts, even in humid environments, good wetting ability to the support it will adhere to, and excellent air release.

All the hardeners may be mixed together thanks to obtain intermediate hardening times, making the system adaptable to all castings and easy to control the exothermy.

The granulometry of the charges enables the 2050 Bl also to be injected or to be casted by gravity thanks to it very good flow characteristics.

The 2050BL is commonly used for:

  • Chocking of navy turrets, stone crushers, production tools
  • Anchoring of metal & composite structures in all type of support such as concrete, wood, artificial or natural stone, masonry..etc..
  • Pressure Injection into concrete slab cracks
  • Epoxy mortars & grouts when mixed with additional fillers
TG (°C)
Mix density
Mix viscosity (mPa.s)
5,000 - 29,000
Gel time on 70 mL, 4cm at 23°C
27h - 13h30m