Applications of 2040G ECO for Filling & Fairing and AdhesivesApplications of 2040G ECO for Filling & Fairing and Adhesives


Hardeners 2045G ECO & 2049G ECO

Structural Adhesive Epoxy for Wood Bonding, Structural Fillet Joints & Composites

  • 60% biobased on resin part*
  • Easy 4/1 mixing ratio by weight
  • Ambient temperature curing
  • Adjustable pot life
  • Applicable in high humidity conditions
    *ratio of the number of biobased carbon atoms / the number of total carbon atoms

RESOLTECH 2040G ECO is a structural adhesive paste specifically formulated for fillet joints on wood and composites. It is also commonly used as general purpose structural wood adhesive, specially on vertical or overhanging surfaces thanks to its cohesion and high adhesion properties.

Its thixotropy ensures no sagging on vertical walls, while maintaining great ease of application and smoothing.

The system can be ordered with two different biobased hardeners, standard, 2045G ECO, and fast, 2049G ECO. Both of them have the same mixing ratio and are fully compatible with each other, offering the possibility to mix them in order to obtain intermediate pot life.The 2040G ECO will cure at room temperature and can be used in high humidity conditions. The mechanical properties of the 2040G ECO (high resistance in traction/shearing) enable to obtain durable structural fillet joints.

With up to 60% of biobased carbon atoms on the resin, use 2040G ECO will improve biobased content of wooden strucutre and composites.

For an increased resistance and durability of the wood, we recommend to prime all wood surfaces with our water based epoxy RESOLTECH 1010 ECO/1014.

TG (°C)
Mix density
Gel time on 70 mL, 4cm at 23°C
24m - 1h51m