Applications of 1400 ECO for Filament Winding, Injection Moulding / RTM and PultrusionApplications of 1400 ECO for Filament Winding, Injection Moulding / RTM and Pultrusion


Hardener 1407 ECO - Accelerator AC140

Hot curing epoxy system

  •  28% biobased on the resin part*
  • Pultrusion, filament winding, pressure moulding
  • Excellent wetting properties on all reinforcements
  • Adjustable pot life with accelerator content
  • High mechanical and chemical resistance
  • TG up to 140°C after post-curing

RESOLTECH 1400 ECO / 1407 ECO / AC140 is a biobased epoxy-anhydride system with accelerator formulated for hot curing process as pultrusion, filament winding or pressure moulding.

The system is easy to process and has a lower viscosity and reactivity that RESOLTECH 1400.

It has good fibre impregnation properties and exhibits excellent mechanical, dynamic and thermal properties. It has an excellent chemical resistance especially to acids at temperatures up to 80 °C.

The reactivity of the system is adjustable by variation of the accelerator content. The reactivity is extremely long at ambient temperature (several days) and very short at high temperature with 2 part by weight of accelerator (6min at 120°C). A post-curing allows to obtain full thermomechanical properties.

The 1407 ECO hardener is dosed at 90 parts for 100 parts of resin 1400 ECO by weight. The accelerator is dosed between 0.5 and 2 parts for 100 parts of resin 1400 ECO by weight according to desired reactivity. Reaction speed and exothermie increase with the accelerator content.

Post-curing will influence the coloring of the hardened product, from 130°C the resin will tend towards brown but the properties will not be affected.

With 28% of biobased carbon atoms in the resin part, the use of 1400 ECO will reduce the carbon footprint of composites structures making no concessions on thermo-mechanical performances

Mix density
TG (°C)
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