Applications of 1200 for Filament Winding and Wet layupApplications of 1200 for Filament Winding and Wet layup


Hardener 1204 - 1206 - 1208

Structural epoxy laminating system

  • Adjustable working time from 14min to 8h45min
  • Excellent wetting out with all type of reinforcements
  • Same mixing ratio for the 3 hardeners
  • Manufacturing of small parts to very large composite structures
  • TG from up to 85°C after post cure
  • 130°C TG with 1205HT & 1206HT hardeners

RESOLTECH 1200 / 1204 - 1206 - 1208 is a state of the art chemistry laminating epoxy system, formulated without reactive diluents (primary cause of allergies) thus improving the H&S working conditions. It allows to manufacture small parts as well as large composite structures & tools with all the existing fibers.

RESOLTECH 1200 / 1204 - 1206 - 1208 does not crystallize, these systems do not contain any CMR components and meet the latest requirements of European regulation & REACH.

With its adapted viscosity and its large range of reactivity, the system enables application by wet lay up, vacuum bagging and filament winding. A thixotropic version 1200T is available for applications such as vertical & overhanging laminates.

The hardeners 1204, 1206 and 1208 of this system have a mixing ratio of 35 parts for 100 parts of resin 1200 by weight. They are compatible and may be mixed together in order to adjust the reactivity needed. 

After curing at room temperature the system 1200 / 1204 - 1206 - 1208 can be released directly from the mold. In order to accelerate the release after initial curing, a post cure at 40°C is possible. To obtain the optimum thermo mechanical properties a post cure at 60-80°C will be required.

Hardeners 1205HT and 1206HT will enable to obtain a TG of 130ºC after post cure making the 1200 a choice system for pre-preg tools.

The system RESOLTECH 1200 offers great flexibility of use with the available hardeners and will enable to reduce product’s stock while allowing production of tools & parts of all sizes.

TG (°C)
Mix density
Mix viscosity (mPa.s)
235 - 1,130
Gel time on 70 mL, 4cm at 23°C
2h45m - 7h10m