Applications of 1090 FRT for Filament Winding, Wet layup and PultrusionApplications of 1090 FRT for Filament Winding, Wet layup and Pultrusion


Hardener 1093 HTD

Self-extinguishing epoxy system

  • Low viscosity & reactivity epoxy system
  • Low settling tendency
  • Improved wettability
  • Tg up to 80°C

1090 FRT -1093 HTD is a self-extinguishing epoxy resin system. It is possible to produce structural composite parts with all current reinforcements and core materials.

Thanks to its low viscosity and its reactivity, 1090 FRT can be laminated by traditional wet processes such as filament winding and hot forming. Hardener 1093 HTD is proportioned in the ratio of 19 parts hardener to 100 parts resin (by weight) and gives good glass transition temperature (80°C).

Once hardened, the parts can be released from the mould without post curing.

The optimal thermomechanical properties are obtained after an adapted cycle of curing. However, post-curing is not essential depending on the final use of the parts.