Applications of 1080T for Filament Winding and Wet layupApplications of 1080T for Filament Winding and Wet layup


Hardeners 1082, 1084, 1086

Highest Performance Thixotropic Laminating System

  • Thixotropic version on 1080S
  • Highest module & rigidity epoxy system
  • Adjustable pot life from 30 min to 8 h 30
  • Room temperature mould release
  • Final TG up to 114º C

The 1080T is the thixotropic version of the 1080S, for wet lay-up application in vertical or overhanging surfaces prone to resin dripping.

RESOLTECH 1080T is the highest modulus epoxy system formulated by RESOLTECH to manufacture high performance, rigid, lightweight structures with glass, carbon, aramid and basalt fibres with or without post-curing.

Using this novolac based epoxy resin will enable to reduce the amount of reinforcement fibre used, resulting in lighter, more rigid but also cheaper parts in spite of its higher price compared to more common Bisphenol A & F based resins.

This new generation system, optimized with a low reactivity, low viscosity and excellent air release properties, is suitable for the manufacture any size structures and composite parts by hand layup while guaranteeing low toxicity working conditions to the user and ease of use thanks to its high wetting properties.

It features an adjustable working time from 20min to 8h45min with its range of hardeners.

It is possible to release the parts from the mould without post-curing. The maximum thermo mechanical properties of the laminate will be obtained after a post-curing cycle to obtain a final TG of 114ºC. Nevertheless, a post cure is not mandatory depending on the final use of the parts.

The resulting structures will result in very rigid with high mechanical and the best interlaminar properties.

RESOLTECH 1080S is recommended for the production of marine foils, secondary laminations of chain plates, production of lightweight & rigid skiffs or high performance kayaks & outriggers where the weight/rigidity is key. The 1080T is used on many Dakar wining rally cars, all types of RC models but also for the production of helicopter, gyrocopter & airplane propellers.

Low temperature pre-preg users will appreciate this system as it will enable them (with the 1084 hardener) to produce moulds on “cheap” models that do not resist dimensionally to temperature, release from the model the day after laminating and start using the tool right away, co-curing the first prepreg part and the mould at the same time.

TG (°C)
Mix viscosity (mPa.s)
650 - 760