Applications of 1060ES7 for CastingApplications of 1060ES7 for Casting


Injection & casting epoxy system for electrial insulation

RESOLTECH 1060 ES7 is an epoxy system formulated to insulate electric and electronic connections. The system provides excellent insulating properties and ease of use. It is nonflammable, does not shrink, cures without any evaporation, does not degrade electronic components and cures in an enclosed volume. RESOLTECH 1060 ES7 is also available in a slower, non exothermic version called 1060E7.


The standard procedure of working with epoxy systems applies to the RESOLTECH 1060 ES7.
The system can be applied by casting or injection.
For more information, please refer to the applications technical bulletins (TechNotes), available on request.


Workshop conditions: 18 to 25oC, 70% humidity maximum.
Pot life 30mn (for 500g @ 25oC)

Mix viscosity (mPa.s)