Applications of 1020T for Adhesives and Wet layupApplications of 1020T for Adhesives and Wet layup


Hardeners 1023S to 1029S

Thixotropic wood epoxy system

  • Adjustable pot life from 15mn to 10h44min
  • Good elongation characteristics
  • Wide choice of reactivities (6 miscible hardeners)
  • Little sensitivity to humidity during application
  • Available in thixotropic version (1020T)

RESOLTECH 1020T is a pregel wood adhesive system optimised for the manufacture of laminated wood parts and structures. It provides ease of use, low toxicity to the user, good impregnation of the timber surface, high mechanical performance of the cured structure and an adjustable working time. 1020T makes bonds that are stronger than the timber itself, enhancing its mechanical properties and producing long lasting heavy duty structures for marine, building and engineering applications.


RESOLTECH 1020T is formulated to be used as an adhesive system to bond wooden parts together. The surface should be clean, dust and grease free prior to bonding. A rough surface will provide better results than a very smooth one. 1020T can also be used to bond other materials such as steel, aluminium and fiberglass laminates.

1020T does not require pressure during curing, although pressure will increase the mechanical properties of the finished structure. Workshop temperature is best kept from 10 to 25°C. Sanding is required prior to bonding over a cured surface. For more information, please refer to the applications technical bulletins (TechNotes), available on request.

TG (°C)
Mix density
Gel time on 70 mL, 4cm at 23°C
15m - 10h44m