Applications of 1020 / 1029XS for Adhesives and Wet layupApplications of 1020 / 1029XS for Adhesives and Wet layup

RESOLTECH 1020 & 1020T

Hardener 1029XS

Fast Curing structural epoxy resin system

  • 15mn Pot life
  • Little sensitivity to humidity during application
  • Available in thixotropic version (1020T)
  • New improved low toxicity hardene

RESOLTECH 1020 (T) with the 1029XS hardener is an advanced epoxy laminating system for adverse weather application conditions.
It is widely used in civil engineering & marine applications on glass and carbon laminates where it's little sensitivity to humidity during it's application and good curing properties at low temperature are appreciated It will cure at low temperatures.

This new 2015 version of the 1029XS hardener helps grant a safer work place thanks to the lower toxicity of this system, following the latest recommendations of the EU CLP Regulation eliminating any suspected CMR1 or CMR2 components.

Its main characteristics of low viscosity combined with a fast gel time at room temperatures makes of the 1020+1029XS a choice system for repair work on pipes & drains, civil engineering applications, wind blades as well as for marine applications for repairs while at sea but also for osmosis treatments.

Its exceptional wetting capability and it’s good adherence characteristics on porous materials also makes it possible to use the 1020+1029XS as an adhesive in some applications.

Once cured, parts manufactured may be released from the mould without a post-cure. Should a post cure be applied, 1020+1029XS becomes a fast system for the production of sporting goods and other composites laminates where high mould productivity is required.

A thixotropic version, the 1020T is available for vertical or overhanging applications prone to dripping.