Applications of 1010 AD for Primers, Paints and VarnishApplications of 1010 AD for Primers, Paints and Varnish


Hardeners 1013 & 1015

Self levelling epoxy system

  • Room temperature curing
  • Choice of fast & slow hardeners
  • Low sensitivity to weather conditions
  • Simple mixing ratio & processing

RESOLTECH 1010 AD / 1013 - 1015 is an epoxy system used mainly for flooring applications where good adhesion on most subtracts is key, as well as surface aspect and hard wearing mechanical properties are needed.

Its little sensitivity to humidity and temperature make 1010 AD / 1013 - 1015 a choice system for applications all year long without having surface pollution defects.– the resin film has good gloss properties and is easy to clean and maintain.

The 1015 hardener is used in most cases, but a slower version, the 1013 enables to work in hot climates and tropical conditions.
Most customer will use epoxy pigments in order to obtain a full opaque colour or with compatible tints for translucid colours. RESOLTECH supplies most RAL colours pigment pastes. 10% of pigment paste is needed to colour the resin.

Clear coating with this resin is possible, enhancing the subtract it is applied on.

One layer of this system is generally enough for most applications. Customer desiring to enhance the deepness effect of coloured floors, may use a second coat of clear resin. This will also improve the lifespan of the coating as any wear and tear will happen on the transparent coat, leaving the colour coat underneath untouched.

For more rugged flooring application with heavy machinery passage, this system maybe used in conjunction with silica sands (same grade as swimming pool filters which are usually precisely calibrated) : once the resin mixed with its pigment and hardener, apply on the floor, and immediately after application, spread sand all over the resin until full covering of the resin is done with a layer of dry sand (3.5 to 4 kg/m²).

Mix density
Mix viscosity (mPa.s)
Gel time on 70 mL, 4cm at 23°C
20m - 40m