Applications of Transparents for Applications of Transparents for


Transparent colorants

  • Compatibles with all Resoltech epoxy systems
  • Castings, varnishes, flooring
  • Easy to disperse
  • Highly concentrated
  • Available in blue, red, yellow and black

RESOLTECH’s TRANSPARENTS are dyes compatible with RESOLTECH’s epoxy systems.

Highly concentrated, deep colors will be obtained with only a few drops whithout blocking the light.

The four colorants are mixable to obtain blends that will result in an infinity of colors & shades (the same way a colour printer uses four basic colors only).

Stable under UV exposure, dyes from RESOLTECH TRANSPARENT range are recommended for use with WWA, LIQUID RESIN ART, 4000 CLEAR and 1070 Résoltech epoxy systems.

For nacre and phosphorescent effects, TRANSPARENT dyes are compatible with RESOLTECH NACRE (available in 150g box and 25kg bucket) and RESOLTECH TURQUOISE PHOSPHO (available in 500g box and 5 kg bucket) fillers.

The 50ml glass bottles with dropper caps packaging will offer the best storage and precise dispencing drop by drop