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RESOLTECH VI 5030 is a vinylester (modified epoxy) system formulated to produce high performance laminates with glass, aramid and carbon reinforcements. VI 5030 features a low viscosity, good thermal properties and high resistance to water and chemicals. VI 5030 is commonly used to laminate structural parts, mostly for tanks, shafts and components that will be in contact with chemicals.
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RESOLCOAT VI 5080 is a vinylester coating that combines very high chemical resistance with superior temperature resistance. VI 5080 was formulated for the protection of tanks, pipes and systems in contact with highly corrosive substances. It contains mica flakes. Its ease of use and durability make it an ideal coating for severe anti corrosion applications.
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Vinylester Gelcoat Epoxy Compatible
The VI5090 is a high resistance Gelcoat formulated on a Vinylester resin base. Its main characteristics are a very high resistance to solvents and chemical agents, which makes it an excellent product for tooling, but also its high TG of 105 degrees makes it a product of choice for Pre-preg parts For tooling, the VI 5090 enables the mould to have a permanent high gloss aspect resisting to many cycles between waxing/polishing. Thanks to its low dilatation module when exposed to temperature and its flexibility, the VI5090 is not prone to cracks and the appearance of mat zones. The VI 5090 comes in a Neutral (transparent) Color but can be delivered in any RAL color or with RAL pigments
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