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Structural Adhesive Epoxy for wood bonding & Structural Fillet Joints
Evolution of the RESOLTECH 2040 system, The RESOLTECH 2040G is a structural adhesive paste specifically formulated for fillet joints on wood. It can also commonly used as general purpose structural wood adhesive, specially on vertical or overhanging surfaces thanks to it cohesion and high adhesion properties.
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RESOLCOAT 3010T is a high build surfacer formulated to create a barrier against water and chemicals to protect a yacht hull as well as providing a perfect surface finish and interface for all marine topcoats. The system is easy to apply by spray, roller or brush and is fast drying. A suitable finish is obtained after at least two coats of this system. Suitable for steel, aluminium, GRP and wooden yachts.
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RESOLTECH 3040 is a high performance adhesive formulated for ambient temperature bonding. It is suitable for composites, PVC & honeycomb cores, steel, aluminium alloys and even concrete. 3040 is non-flammable, easy to use, does not require post curing and can be used to bond materials with different dilatation properties.
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RESOLTECH 3300 is a high chemical resistance epoxy adhesive that can be applied onto dry or damp surfaces but also underwater. RESOLTECH 3300 is used to seal, bond or repair a large selection of materials, including fiberglass, aluminium, steel, concrete and ABS plastics.
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Low Density Structural Epoxy Adhesive
The RESOLTECH 3350 HP epoxy adhesive is a lightweight paste that enables durable lightweight bonding of materials such as PVC, PET & other core materials on composites structures, wood, aluminium or steel.
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8010 W
Water based sprayable epoxy filler
RESOLTECH 8010 W / 8014 W system results of the latest advances in epoxy chemistry formulation and eliminates all solvents used normally with sprayable primers and fillers, replacing them with water, thus improving the H&S conditions for workers.
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RESOLTECH 8020 is a high performance epoxy filler formulated for the surface finishing of composite structures. It is easy to apply with a squeegee, easy to sand after cure, tough and durable for life. 8020 is suitable for marine structures, lightweight composite boats, windmill blades edges and all surface finishing applications.
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Epoxy profiling filler
Resoltech 8030 is the best choice for profiling above and below the waterline on Steel, Aluminium and Composite hulls. The specially formulated light grey epoxy can fill up to a thickness of up to 4 cm in one coat without the risk of sagging/slumping.
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Epoxy profiling & fairing filler
RESOLTECH 8050 / 8058 is a fast curing, lightweight, and easy sanding epoxy filler. It is a premium choice for profiling & fairing above and below the waterline for professional applicators on steel, aluminum and composite materials.
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