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Sébastien Roubinet and the Nagalaqa Odysseus

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For over 2500 km, Sébastien Roubinet, Eric André and Jimmy Hery have explored the northern part of the Canadian archipelago which is one of the least known areas in the world.

They proceeded on these unknown lands for three months, working with experts to conduct statements of environmental DNA, but also of the fauna, of pictures and videos of the last multiannual ice.

The Tridem

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The Tridem, this ambitious and crazy windsurf project is back again this year, this time on foils !
Raphaël Filippi, César Filippi and Jean Beligaud are the red hot crazy riders who managed to fly the beast!

For the construction technology, the shaper Pierre Bracar worked with structural laminating resin 1200 and carbon fibers, all consolidated under vacuum.

The Sol.Ex.

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This is the Sol.Ex. a solar sailplane. It did its first tour de France during summer 2022.
Built by InnovaVis and Jean-Baptiste Loiselet, this plane can fly thanks to solar energy converted through solar panels.
The panels were installed manually, the photovoltaic cells were infused between two thin glass fabrics.

Automobile / transport

Automobile / Transport