Applications de 1000 pour Applications de 1000 pour


Durcisseurs 1003, 1006, 1008, 1015

Système époxy multi usages

  • Durcissement à température ambiante
  • Faible viscosité et bonne mouillabilité
  • TG de 67°C à 108°C
  • Quatre durcisseurs différents pour adapter le temps de gel et la prise sous l’eau.

RESOLTECH 1000 is a multipurpose epoxy resin system formulated for a wide range of applications. It enables to manufacture structural composites parts with all existing reinforcement fabrics.

It is intended for filament winding, wet lay-up, infusion, RTM and press processes and uses the most upto-date epoxy chemistry available. It is also possible to use the 1000 resin system for coatings.

The low initial viscosity allows thorough wetting of fibers reinforcement and offers excellent air release properties of the resin / hardener mixture.

RESOLTECH 1000 system formulation ensures the highest cross-linking available at room temperature curing conditions.
The choice of hardeners: 1003 (extra slow), 1006 (standard), 1008 (fast) offers a good versatility to this system and the 1015 hardener enables applications in wet & cold environments.

A thixotropic version of the 1000 system, the 1000T is available on request for vertical applications like for all other RESOLTECH resin systems.

This 2015 improved health and safety formulation following the latest EU regulation (CE) n°453/2010 grants a low toxicity for users, reducing risks for workers, which is particularly important for those using the product in open-mould, hand lay-up situations, where skin contact and exposure to vapours can be difficult to avoid completely.

TG (°C)
Densité mélange
Viscosité mélange (mPa.s)
395 - 2 200
Temps de gel sur 70 mL, 4cm à 23°C
23m - 12h15m