Applications of 4010 for Primers, Paints and VarnishApplications of 4010 for Primers, Paints and Varnish


Hardener 4013 - 4015

Resoltech 4010 / 4013-4015 is a solvent-free epoxy system dedicated to clear or pigmented self-leveling floorings. It may be used in industry as well as in houses in a thinner layer.

For industrial floorings, it is recommended to apply a first thick coat (between 2 and 4 mm) filled with mineral fillers, it will strengthen the floor for the heavy handling vehicles.
Then a second pigmented and thin layer should be applied, this finish coat is sufficient for home floorings.

There is a wide range of pigments available, please refer to the list at the end of the datasheet.

Resoltech 4010 / 4013-4015 shows many advantages compared to other flooring systems :

  • Easy to use, self-leveling, and good adhesion to many substrates with 1010 /1014 primer
  • Long service life and good chemical resistances (greases, alcohols, hydrolysis..)
  • Shiny and easy to clean (no joints)
  • Good thermal and phonic insulation
  • No need to repair defects of the substrate (lower than 0.5mm)
Mix viscosity (mPa.s)
400 - 500
Mix density
Gel time on 70 mL, 4cm at 23°C
1h - 5h30m