Applications of 3350 for AdhesivesApplications of 3350 for Adhesives


Hardeners 3357T (standard) & 3358T (fast)

High performance structural epoxy adhesive

  • Rubber toughened epoxy
  • High shear and peeling resistances
  • Excellent applicability (grease-like consistency )
  • Non sagging vertical applications > to 5mm & 10 mm horizontal
  • All weather applicability even in high humidity conditions.

RESOLTECH 3350 / 3357T or 3358T high performance unfilled adhesive offers high tenacity and toughness. Its good elongation ratio enables to bond most materials, even if they have a large CTE difference. The system rheology is close to a universal grease, making the mixing and application very easy with a spatula or even with a brush.

The 3350 with 3357T (standard) or 3358T (fast) has a vertical sagging limit of 10mm on vertical applications & 15mm on horizontal applications. It will enable to bond bulkheads with 20 mm diameter fillet joints. Other versions available are:

  • 3350L with 3357T (standard) or 3358 (fast): low viscosity for brush application for secondary lamination as adhesion promotion layer
  • 3350 XT with 3356 XT (slow) or 3357 XT (standard): extra thixotropic for very large application
  • 3350 HP with 3356 HP (slow) or 3358 HP (fast): 0,7 density light version
  • 3350 NOIR pigmented for cosmetic appearance of carbon composite bond lines

Particularly resistant to the propagation of micro-cracking, this system is well adapted to bondings subject to important cycles of fatigue. The areas of application of the 3350 are very varied: structural composite and metallic bonding, adhesion promotion layer on secondary lamination specially on cured prepregs...

3350 / 3358T adhesive could be applied at low temperatures (<10ºC) and is not affected by high humidity environment during application or hardening.

TG (°C)
Mix density
Gel time on 70 mL, 4cm at 23°C
25m - 1h35m