Applications of 3010W for Filling & FairingApplications of 3010W for Filling & Fairing


Hardener 3014W

Water based epoxy high build

RESOLCOAT 3010W high build epoxy primer is an epoxy surfacer used where high build and filling is required prior to painting.

RESOLCOAT 3010W is a break through epoxy high build primer that is not solvent based, but water based - eliminating V.O.C during its application.

These solvents are responsible for the strong odor noticeable during application. They are hazardous for both human health and for the environment, and represent a fire hazard.

The 3010W has been formulated to create a barrier against water and chemicals to protect a yacht hulls as well as providing a perfect surface finish and interface for all marine topcoats above and under the waterline.

The system is easy to apply by spray, roller or brush and is fast drying.

A suitable finish is obtained after at least two coats of this system.

It is suitable for Polyester, Vinylester and Epoxy resin laminates surfaces. It is usually applied over epoxy fillers such as Resoltech 8050.