Applications of 1020 ECO for Adhesives, Infusion and Wet layupApplications of 1020 ECO for Adhesives, Infusion and Wet layup


Hardeners 1023S to 1029S

Biobased multipurpose Epoxy Laminating System

  • 40% biobased on resin part*
  • Adjustable pot life from 13mn to 11h30mn
  • Good elongation characteristics
  • Little sensitivity to humidity during application
  • Available in thixotropic version (1020T ECO)

RESOLTECH 1020 ECO is a room temperature epoxy laminating biobased system for wood-epoxy, concrete reinforcement and metal constructions that are inherently moving structures.

In boat building, it may be used for all woods types lamination, coating, scarfing and strip planking.

Thanks to its low viscosity and a wide range of hardeners (13 min to 11h30min), it allows applications in both traditional wet layup, vacuum bagging or under press. A thixotropic version, the 1020T ECO is available for vertical or overhanging applications prone to dripping.

The mixing ratio for all hardeners is 100:30 by weight. All hardeners are compatible and can be mixed in order to obtain intermediate reactivities.

The 1020 ECO exceptional wettability makes hand lamination easier to the workers while guaranteeing a safer work place due to the low toxicity of this system, it contains no CMR components and complies to the latest REACH European regulation.

The 1020 ECO resin system is also widely used in civil engineering applications on glass and carbon laminates where its little sensitivity to humidity during its application and good curing properties at ambient temperature are appreciated.

With 40% of biobased carbon atoms in the resin part, the use of 1020 ECO will reduce the carbon footprint of composites structures making no concessions on thermo-mechanical performances.

The 1020 ECO system is often used together with:

- 1010 ECO : Water based epoxy primer for porous supports
- 2040G ECO : Fillet joint adhesive paste
- 8050 ECO : Epoxy filler
- 3350 ECO : Thixotropic adhesive

Mix density
Gel time on 70 mL, 4cm at 23°C
13m - 11h30m
TG (°C)
Mix viscosity (mPa.s)
205 - 457