Applications of 1070S CLEAR for Applications of 1070S CLEAR for


Hardener 1074

Clear epoxy laminating system

  • Clear laminates and topcoats
  • Very fast hardening in film
  • Excellent air release properties
  • Can be top coated with polyester without inhibition

RESOLTECH 1070S CLEAR / 1074 is a crystal clear epoxy laminating system formulated to produce clear laminates and high gloss coatings with good UV stability and high mechanical properties.

This system is formulated for the manufacture of surfs, wind-surfs, kite-boards, wood glazing or any composites parts with high-end finish aspects requirements, enhancing the appearance of the reinforcement materials used.
The resulting laminate will be absolutely clear on carbon fibre and even transparent if applied on special glass fabrics with TF970 treatment, enabling the production of high-end finish aspects.

The viscosity is adapted for squeegee, brush or roller application, and provides a perfect bubble & blush free surface due to its surface tension properties.

The system has been formulated in order to leave virtually no free amines on the laminate. This even enables the use of any quality polyester finish coat for quick sanding on top of the laminate without inhibition of the polyester.

RESOLTECH 1070S CLEAR / 1074 will cure at ambient temperature and obtain 90% of its mechanical properties after 7 days at ambient temperature. Post curing will elevate the final TG around 70ºC.

The UV stability of RESOLTECH 1070S CLEAR / 1074 is the highest on the market following comparative testing according to norm UNE EN 927-6 (700 hours of exposition).

TG (°C)
Mix density
Mix viscosity (mPa.s)