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RESOLTECH 1410-1417 and Accelerator AC140

Hot curing epoxy system

  • RST 1410 is a low viscosity cycloaliphatic epoxy resin
  • RST 1417 is an anhydride hardener
  • Accelerator AC140 is an imidazole accelerator


High performance composite parts


Extremely low-viscosity, anhydride-cured, reactive diluent free matrix system with a long pot life. The reactivity of the system is adjustable by variation of the accelerater content. The system is easy to process, has good fibre impregnation properties and exhibits excellent mechanical, dynamic and thermal properties. It has an excellent chemical resistance especially to acids at temperatures up to 80 °C. Displays very good temperature resistance after post cure.


Filament Winding, Pultrusion, Pressure Moulding

Mix density
Mix viscosity (mPa.s)